Jul 112015
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A foreigners view on Rand Paul

By Observer Research Foundation By Uma Purushothaman* In the congested Republican Presidential nominee field, Rand Paul stands apart. Most polls show him as being the third favourite Republican nominee behind Jeb Bush and Ben Carson. The son of Ron Paul, the Presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party in 1988, Rand Paul is currently a senator […]

Jul 082015
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Linus Torvalds, the creator of the Linux OS, says not to worry about an AI takeover

alleged danger of Artificial Intelligence by peter303 Some computer experts like Marvin Minsky, Larry Page, Ray Kuzweil think A.I. will be a great gift to Mankind. Others like Bill Joy and Elon Musk are fearful of potential danger. Where do you stand, Linus? Linus: I just don’t see the thing to be fearful of. We’ll […]

Jul 072015
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Eric Holder SIDES WITH Koch Bros and Rand Paul!

   In a story published by Washington Examiner, it appears the right and the left have actually bridged a gap.  It really is a suprise. One must be curious how are both sides able to use common sense on this and little else. The U.S. prison industry, by the way, thrives on mandatory sentencing. So […]