Could Cannabis Help Romney Scale The Blue Wall?

By Cincy Joe []

Mitt Romney could very well become the 45th President of the United States.  But it will be close, probably by razor margins in some states.  But a landslide like Obama had in 2008 is still achievable by Mitt Romney but not likely.  Only if he takes a new and unprecedented stance on the right issue will a landslide be a reality.  After all, Romney’s supporters have been hungry that Mitt will take at least a few bold stances.  Now Mitt Romney may be doing many things right, his steady, calculating, consistent, comfortable, careful attitude towards organizing and campaigning seem to be working well enough.  That style of leadership is very much what we need to balance our budget and bring stability to the markets.   Outlasting Santorum and Newt Gingrich was an achievement, and he seems to finally be carrying their supporters.  But the people that may be narrowly supporting Romney still want something more out of Mitt.  We must not forget there are many disillusioned Democrats and increasingly influential Libertarians who may likely sit out this election unless they see something they can take ownership of inside Governor Romney’s official national platform.

It may have been selfish but President Obama has out foxed Romney on immigration by simply snatching up Marco Rubio’s reform ideas and executing them by himself, bypassing Congress and blindsiding Mitt’s campaign.  President Obama has embraced Gay Marriage, scored some foreign policy success and talked about capping student loan interest rates.  Obama is choosing to fire up every corner of his base, while Romney is doing the right thing by leaning towards the middle.  Unfortunately there are scant issues Romney can really increase his margins against Obama at this point.  Health-Care is about to disappear for Romney as well, since Obama-Care is clearly unconstitutional.  Now experts know the economy can and probably will win the election for Mitt Romney in 2012.  The BIG issue that could skyrocket Mitt and expand his base is still out there. It is just waiting for a leader to stand up! Finally there is great momentum behind reforming our draconian drug laws. Cannabis Prohibition is the hot button issue where Mitt Romney can distance himself from Obama in the 2012 election.

Without spending days listing the reasons why Cannabis should be taxed, legalized, studied and industrialized, there are some real political rewards for ending Cannabis prohibition.  Nearly everyone knows Republicans are strong and steady on crime, defense, and talk about being better on spending.   Well many Republicans and Conservatives also vehemently support the 10th Amendment and State rights.  How could Mitt Romney boldly make these issues resonate and achieve success on these issues never experienced before?  He could propose allowing all states to legislate and enforce their own laws on substances federally deemed illegal.  It may be smart to simply highlight marijuana alone from other controlled substances, citing its benign nature and lack of toxicity to the body.  This could all be done under a brilliant 10th Amendment argument.  Romney in the past has consistently been Pro Tenth Amendment and Pro State rights! So this isn’t too far reaching for the conservative business man.

In 2005 Gonzales v. Raich Supreme Court Case eventually led to very Conservative Southern States and their Attorney Generals arguing for California’s right to legalize and legitimize medical marijuana under the 10th Amendment.  That situation was unique considering the South’s very traditionally criminal view of Cannabis.

The 10th Amendment states: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.  Well the obvious fact is the Constitution of The United States of America does not say the Federal Government has power to criminalize a substance like marijuana.  The States should retain the right to make their own laws. California and Colorado are both pushing for full legalization of Cannabis, really attempting to set a blazing new precedent unheard of in over 90 percent of the world as weed remains very illegal and punishable in many countries.  The U.S. is still so backward federally that we ignorantly continue to ban industrial hemp and the thousands of skilled, legitimate jobs it would sustain.

This could be a political move that could instantly create permanent jobs and eliminate the fear of millions of American pot smokers who would feel sincerely obligated to voting for Mitt Romney.   Obama is not to be trusted on this issue since he has already arrested and ruined thousands of American pot smokers, even after talking up decriminalization years back and cruising with the, ”Choom Gang.”  Mitt does not have to personally embrace Cannabis culture, yet still be able to federally decriminalize marijuana.   Polls all over the nation indicate the American Public is years ahead of our politicians on this issue.  Maybe, just maybe Romney could sweep a few independent and alienated voters off their political feet.  Libertarians and some liberals could power Romney through the, “Blue Wall,” and make him the slickest, most innovative, most common-sense President we have always longed for.

Estimates say 100 million Americans have smoked Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica.  More teens smoke marijuana now than cigarettes and that’s probably true for their parent’s generation as well.  Billions can be taxed.  Billions saved on law enforcement.  Public stress of imprisonment relieved.  Mitt Romney could be the best President we ever had on crime since he would turn millions upon millions of American criminals into law abiding, tax paying, responsible patriotic citizens.  Every minute cops waste on arrested and doing paperwork on marijuana arrests is another minute they could have used to deter murderers, rapists, and hardcore criminals.

Detroit, Chicago, Boston and New York are all stepping up efforts to decriminalize weed.   Romney should seize this momentum and help his candidacy nationwide.  The race is close and in states like Colorado where the Cannabis legalization choice is on the November ballot along with Presidential choice, people could vote Yes on Weed and Yes on Romney.  Who knows maybe Kid Rock would write a song just about Romney.  Mitt would not even need a vice presidential pick if he made this common-sense solution come true, every pro-legalization blog would read vote Romney-Sativa 2012 or Romney-Indica 2012.

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