CLINT EASTWOOD stars again! Will take a lead roll in Trouble with the Curve!

YES YES! Clint Eastwood will act again…!  Clint Eastwood is starring in a new film titled Trouble with the Curve, after stating that Gran Torino would be the last movie he would act.  Personally I’m excited and cannot wait to see this movie since all of Eastwood’s films have great traditional American messages and tend to be so damn entertaining!  All those great westerns, like Outlaw Josey Wales and High Plains Drifter, Dirty Harry, Unforgiven in the 90’s and more recently Million Dollar Baby and Gran Torino.  I could drink a Pabst Blue Ribbon just thinking about Gran Torino….  See IMBD for more about Trouble with the Curve.  Description, “An ailing baseball scout in his twilight years takes his daughter along for one last recruiting trip. ” … Sounds good to me 😉

Well here at SpeakTurkey we have to discuss some politics and solutions so here it goes.  Back in February a brilliant and finely produced Super Bowl ad showing Clint Eastwood with him saying it is halftime in America became the target of political scrutiny.  Karl Rove said he was “offended” by the ad.  That was a little too far for me as I sincerely felt the ad really was appealing to America’s comeback spirit…  …The same spirit Mitt Romney will need with his comeback team in the White House.  After all, Eastwood did say, “I am certainly not politically affiliated with Mr. Obama.” We all understand that Eastwood has a conservative, traditional perspective when it comes to most issues.  I’m sure Dirty Harry has no problem with the Second Amendment in our Bill of Rights!


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