Ames Iowa Does Away with Presidential Poll

Out in Iowa, there has been a change in the Presidential Primary race.  What once was the country’s first, and most publicized poll for the Republican Party will not be taking place this election cycle.  After 36 years, and 6 official ballots, The Iowan Republican Party has decided to no longer conduct the poll, citing lack of interest among candidates, and the cost of running the event

The poll, which drew criticism last election cycle as the winner, Michelle Bachmann was caught handing out over 6,000 tickets to a Randy Travis convert in exchange for votes at the poll.

The second place finisher in 2011, who did not hand out anything for votes was candidate Ron Paul.  Finishing with 27.7% of the vote, compared to Mrs. Bachmann’s 28.6%, it is close to certain the winner of the poll would have been Dr. Paul, if she had not handed out over $180,000 worth of concert tickets.

If this year’s poll were to take place, Rand, son of Ron would have been on the ballot.

To those close to the Paul Campaigns, it may seem too much of a coincidence that poll is being scrapped, when Rand Paul is currently polling well across the country.  

Could this be an attempt by the Republican Party to keep a Liberty-Minded candidate out of the discussion? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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