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Feb 092016
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Story from Sputnik News

In November, during a meeting with President of the European Council Donald Tusk and European Commission Chairman Jean-Claude Juncker, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan demanded from Brussels €30 billion to resolve the European migrant crisis, a leaked document revealed.

The talks took place in Antalya on November 14, 2015. The confidential document has been published by Greek website Euro2Day.According to it, Erdogan threatened to send migrants to Europe.

By that time, the EU and Turkey had agreed a plan on providing €3 billion to Ankara in exchange for assistance in resolving the migrant issue.

However, Erdogan threatened that he would take measures if the EU delayed Turkey’s admission to the bloc. Particularly, he said Turkey would put refugees on buses to Europe and the consequences for Europe will be “more than a dead boy” on the Turkish shores.

Erdogan refused to receive the €3 billion in two years, which he had earlier agreed to. He said the proposal should be at least €3 billion a year. Otherwise, no deal concerning the refugees would work, according to the document.

It also read that the EU Council of Ministers delayed its progress report on Turkey’s accession to the EU with the purpose to help the Justice and Development Party (AKP) to win the elections.Erdogan was arrogant and hasty and the negotiations ended with no result, the document read. Demanding more money, he claimed that during the financial crisis Greece received €400 billion from Brussels.

He also told EU officials that Turkey had already spent €8 billion on refugee camps.

“Erdogan asks rhetorically: ‘So how will you deal with refugees if you don’t get a deal? Kill the refugees?’,” according to the document.

However, this incident exposing Turkey’s position has not been reported to the EU authorities and country members of the bloc, the article read.

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Feb 092016
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Article from the Register


The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is hoping to help re-start a lawsuit against Cisco over whether or not it provided technology China’s government used to facilitate human rights abuses.

The row over China’s “Golden Shield” (aka the Great Firewall) has gone on practically forever, with Amnesty accusing Cisco of involvement, along with now-defunct Nortel Networks, Microsoft, Oracle-swallowed Sun Microsystems, and Websense, back in 2002.

Activists in the US have been trying to sue technology companies over the technology they’ve pitched into the Great Firewall, on the grounds that it helps the Chinese government identify, and subsequently pursue, dissidents. The EFF had tried before to lodge an amicus brief, but that was dismissed in September 2014.

Now the EFF is back, saying the 2014 decision was wrong and asking the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to recognise its brief, and to re-open the original Alien Tort Statute (ATS) case against Cisco.

ATS cases provide an avenue for foreign citizens to seek remedies in US courts, for human rights violations committed overseas. The nub of the current case is that while merely selling a general-purpose product doesn’t qualify for an ATS lawsuit, Cisco’s actions went beyond shipping a box and banking the proceeds.

Companies that “intentionally build and provide ongoing support for customised technologies” used for the “clear purpose” of human rights abuses don’t deserve protection.

One thing that’s changed since the 2014 decision is that the EFF’s lawyers have combed through a case concluded in 2015, Balintulo vs Daimler, that accused the car-maker of colluding with South Africa’s apartheid regime.

While that case ended in disappointment for the plaintiff, there’s enough encouragement in the decision for the EFF to cite it in its latest filing. In particular, the EFF reckons the standard of “aid and abet” defined by the Balintulo case applies to the accusations against Cisco.

The plaintiffs – mostly John Does to protect their identity – say Cisco’s customisations specifically helped the Chinese government identify, harass and torture members of Falun Gong, a quasi-religious group China believes is subversive.

In particular, the EFF’s media statement claims, Cisco helped put a library of Falun Gong activity into Golden Shield. The Register has contacted Cisco for comment. ®

Update: A Cisco spokesperson replied to say:

“We have always maintained that there is no basis for the allegations against Cisco, and there is no merit to the case. We do not customize our products in any way that would facilitate censorship or repression. The case was correctly dismissed by the District Court.” ®

Jul 112015
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Jade Helm Logo_zpsidwebuq2

By Pamela Rae


Many of us researchers have been wondering what “JADE HELM “ really stands for. I have scratched my head, trying to decipher what it could mean.  I actually prayed about this! 
And just tonight, I came across an excellent and revealing article online from InvestmentWatch blog. 
“J.A.D.E.“- Is an APP for the US military. It stands for “Joint Assistant for Deployment and Execution.”
Yes, you read that correctly. ERADICATION OF LOCAL MILITANTS (i.e.-Patriots, militias, NWO resisters, gun owners, Constitutionalists, etc.)
This article alleges that JADE HELM has been going on for a long time, and that this operation from July-September 2015 is simply the closing of it. Here’s how:
“First came the infiltration in to key communities and local militias and organizations to assess the risk. Second came the report, and later deployment of the needed military equipment to the local sheriffs and police departments. We have seen the procurement of arms, ammunition, food and water in crazy amounts, and then those supplies were delivered to key locations. The trap is set, and all that is left is to herd us  like rats into the trap.”
This article also explains why DISARMAMENT will be a part of this exercise.
I suggest to my readers that JADE HELM has the clear potential to morph into something far more than just a temporary “drill,” and that America as we know it may never be the same again. 
Especially if they really ARE going to use this exercise to disarm and arrest Americans on the FEMA RED/BLUE list and other lists, and take them away to FEMA camps, as many of us now suspect will happen. This will trigger NATIONWIDE OUTRAGE AND UPRISINGS across America, and forget this being confined only to “JADE HELM REGIONS.”
-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


Jul 112015
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By Uma Purushothaman*

In the congested Republican Presidential nominee field, Rand Paul stands apart. Most polls show him as being the third favourite Republican nominee behind Jeb Bush and Ben Carson.

The son of Ron Paul, the Presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party in 1988, Rand Paul is currently a senator from Kentucky. What makes Rand Paul stand apart from the rest of the Republican field is his Libertarianism. Libertarianism is a political philosophy which holds that any person is free to live his/her life in the way he/she chooses to so long as they respect equally together people’s rights to do so as well. Libertarians believe in maximising individual rights while minimising the role of the state. The Libertarian Party in the US has not been able to make real inroads into American politics because of the nature of the electoral system.

But now thanks partly to Paul’s bid for the Republican nomination, Libertarianism has become popular in American politics again. Tens of millions of Americans today are fiscally conservative, socially tolerant and sceptical of American military intervention abroad. David Boaz attributes the spread of Libertarianism to two factors: the spread of Libertarian ideas and sentiments and the expansion of government during the Bush and Obama administrations, particularly the civil liberties abuses after 9/11 and the bailouts and out-of-control spending after the financial crisis. Paul also is a supporter of the Tea Party, which propagates minimum role for the government.

Paul has similar positions with the rest of the Republicans on economic issues and most social issues, advocating lower taxes and decreasing government spending. He is against abortion, except in cases where the woman’s health is at stake. He is not in favour of same sex marriage, preferring instead a marriage contract between same sex couples. He is against Affordable Care Act , suggesting that it has made insurance expensive and is taking away choice. But in contrast to many Republicans, he has been supportive of moderating the marijuana laws.

He opposes all gun control. Unlike some Republicans, he is openly critical of racial discrimination by law enforcement authorities and supports demilitarising the police. Writing on the Ferguson unrest for Time magazine, Paul said: “Anyone who thinks that race does not still, even if inadvertently, skew the application of criminal justice in this country is just not paying close enough attention. Our prisons are full of black and brown men and women who are serving inappropriately long and harsh sentences for non-violent mistakes in their youth.” He also launched his campaign, talking at length about inner city poverty and pledging to repealany law that disproportionately incarcerates people of colour”. This is a refreshing change from most establishment Republicans.

Rand Paul is in favour of immigration reform so long as it is coupled with increased border security. He is also against the deportation of immigrants who are not criminals.

He is a vehement critic of the Patriot Act. In fact, he has worked and campaigned against the NSA’s surveillance of telephone records, even carrying out a filibuster-like speech against it recently.

On foreign policy, Paul has a non interventionist stance, quite unlike that of the rest of the Republican field. He is not in favour of the US getting involved in any war unless as a last resort and then only if there is a credible and imminent threat. Also, he believes that as mandated by the US Constitution, wars must be authorised by the Congress.

Paul has strongly criticised the Iraq War describing it as a mistake and saying that if he had been a Senator when the war was voted on, he would have voted against it. Talking about the invasion of Iraq, he has said that “Each time we topple a secular dictator, I think we wind up with chaos, and radical Islam seems to rise.” He has blamed his own party for contributing to the rise of the ISIS by providing arms indiscriminately. He is against US troops on the ground against the ISS and wants Arab troops to take the lead in fighting it. Paul had also opposed US action in Syria even before the ISIS created its Caliphate. Though he supported US airstrikes against the ISIS, he was unhappy that Obama had gone ahead without a Congressional mandate on this. On US-Israel ties, he believes that it should be Israel’s prerogative to decide on how it defends itself and the US should not be advising Israel on this. He has been critical of Obama’s efforts to keep Iraq unified and has supported a separate homeland for the Kurds. He has been supportive of negotiations with Iran, unlike many Republicans, though he wants the deal to be approved by Congress.

He has called for reducing foreign aid, saying that the US should not donate to countries which are unfriendly to it and burn American flags. He has supported President Obama’s outreach towards Cuba. On the TPP and granting Obama the Trade Promotion Authority, which most Republicans have supported, Rand Paul voted against it citing lack of access to Congress of the full text of the mega Free Trade Agreement.

As he runs for the nomination, Paul has moderated some of his positions so that he is not branded an isolationist. He no longer wants steep cuts to the Pentagon’s budget or complete elimination of foreign aid.

As Paul fights for the nomination, his biggest weakness may well be his Libertarianism—theperception that he is weak on national security. But with the growing Libertarian constituency and undecided voters, he might have more than a fair shot at securing the nomination. In any case, his refreshing, if unorthodox views, views have made the battle for the Republocan nomination much more interesting.

*Uma Purushothaman is a Research Fellow at Observer research Foundation, Delhi

Jul 082015
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alleged danger of Artificial Intelligence
by peter303

Some computer experts like Marvin Minsky, Larry Page, Ray Kuzweil think A.I. will be a great gift to Mankind. Others like Bill Joy and Elon Musk are fearful of potential danger. Where do you stand, Linus?

Linus: I just don’t see the thing to be fearful of.

We’ll get AI, and it will almost certainly be through something very much like recurrent neural networks. And the thing is, since that kind of AI will need training, it won’t be “reliable” in the traditional computer sense. It’s not the old rule-based prolog days, when people thought they’d *understand* what the actual decisions were in an AI.

And that all makes it very interesting, of course, but it also makes it hard to productize. Which will very much limit where you’ll actually find those neural networks, and what kinds of network sizes and inputs and outputs they’ll have.

So I’d expect just more of (and much fancier) rather targeted AI, rather than anything human-like at all. Language recognition, pattern recognition, things like that. I just don’t see the situation where you suddenly have some existential crisis because your dishwasher is starting to discuss Sartre with you.

The whole “Singularity” kind of event? Yeah, it’s science fiction, and not very good SciFi at that, in my opinion. Unending exponential growth? What drugs are those people on? I mean, really..

It’s like Moore’s law – yeah, it’s very impressive when something can (almost) be plotted on an exponential curve for a long time. Very impressive indeed when it’s over many decades. But it’s _still_ just the beginning of the “S curve”. Anybody who thinks any different is just deluding themselves. There are no unending exponentials.


Read the full interview on SlashDot

Jul 022015
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Anne Coulter - From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository
I finally found a Mexican willing to do a job no American will do! I have an explosive book on the No. 1 issue in the country coming out next week, I’ve already written 10 New York Times best-sellers — I’d be on a postage stamp if I were a liberal — but can’t get an interview on ABC, NBC or CBS.Only Mexican-born Jorge Ramos would interview me on his Fusion network. Yay, Jorge!

After a spellbinding interview, Ramos ended by asking this excellent question — which I had suggested myself for all authors, most of whom write very boring books, harming the marketability of my own books: “Is there anything in your book that isn’t already generally known?”

My soon-to-be-released book, “Adios, America! The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole,” is jam-packed with facts you didn’t already know. Don’t even think of using it as a coaster, like those other books.

These are just a few:

— Teddy Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act was expressly designed to change the demographics of our country to be poorer and more inclined to vote Democratic.

— It worked! Post-1970 immigrants vote 8-2 for the Democrats.

— Citing this dramatic shift in the Democratic Party’s fortunes, Democratic consultant Patrick Reddy called the 1965 Immigration Act “the Kennedy family’s greatest gift to the Democratic Party.”

— Immigrants admitted before 1970 made more money, bought more houses and were more educated than Americans. The post-Kennedy immigrants are astronomically less-educated, poorer and more likely to be on welfare than the native population.

— With no welfare state to support them, about a third of pre-1965 Act immigrants returned to the places they came from. British and Jewish immigrants were the least likely to go home — less than 10 percent did.

— Although America is admitting more immigrants, they are coming from fewer countries than they did before 1970. On liberals’ own terms, the country is becoming less “diverse,” but a lot poorer and a lot more Latin.

— America has already taken in one-fourth of Mexico’s entire population.

— In 1970, there were almost no Nigerian immigrants in the United States. Our country is now home to more Nigerians than any country in the world except Nigeria.

— America takes more immigrants from Nigeria than from England.

— The government refuses to tell us how many prisoners in the United States are immigrants. That information is not available anywhere. But the ancillary facts suggest that the number is astronomical.

— There are more foreign inmates in New York state prisons from Mexico than from the entire continent of Europe.

— Hispanics are less likely to be in the military than either whites or blacks, and a majority of Hispanic troops are women. On the other hand, Hispanics are overrepresented in U.S. Prisons.

— In Denmark, actual Danes come in tenth in criminals’ nationality, after Moroccans, Lebanese, Yugoslavians, Somalis, Iranians, Pakistanis, Turks, Iraqis and Vietnamese.

— At least 15 percent of all births in Peru and Argentina are to girls between the ages of 10 and 15. In the U.S., only 2 percent of births are to girls that young, and those are mostly Hispanics, who are seven times more likely to give birth at that age than white girls are.

— Sex with girls as young as 12 years old is legal in 31 of the 32 states of Mexico.

— In all of Western Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel combined, there have been eight reported births to girls aged 10 or younger. Seven of the eight were impregnated by immigrants.

— In some areas of America, law enforcement authorities have given up on prosecuting statutory rape cases against Mexican men in their 30s who impregnate 12- and 13-year-old girls, after repeatedly encountering parents who view their little girls’ pregnancies as a “blessing.”

— The same North Carolina newspapers that gave flood-the-zone coverage to a rape that never happened at a Duke lacrosse party completely ignore real rapes happening right under their noses, being committed against children by immigrants providing cheap labor to the state’s farming and meat-packing industries.

— Since 2004, Mexicans have beheaded at least a half-dozen people in the United States.

— Mexican drug cartels — not ISIS — pioneered the practice of posting videotaped beheadings online.

— An alleged “ISIS” beheading video making the rounds in 2014 was actually a Mexican beheading video from 2010.

— Post-1970 immigrants have re-introduced slavery to America. Indian immigrant Lakireddy Bali Reddy, for example, used the H1-B visa program, allegedly for “high-tech workers,” to bring in 12-year-old girls he had bought from their parents for sex.

— The above story was missed by the San Francisco Chronicle. It was broken by a high school journalism class.

— The ACLU took Reddy’s side.

— We’re still letting in Hmong immigrants as a reward for their help with the ill-fated Vietnam War, which ended 40 years ago.

— Between 2000 and 2005, nearly 100 Hmong men were charged with rape or forced prostitution of girls in Minneapolis-St Paul, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. The vast majority of the victims were 15 years old or younger. A quarter of the victims were not Hmong.

— Proponents of the 1965 immigration bill swore up and down that it would not alter this country’s demographic mix. In fact, Kennedy’s immigration policy has brought about the greatest demographic shift of any nation in world history.

— In 1980, Reagan won the biggest electoral landslide in history against an incumbent president, Jimmy Carter. Without the last 40 years of immigration, in 2012, Mitt Romney would have won a bigger landslide than Reagan did. He got more of the “Reagan coalition” than Reagan did.

— If Romney had won 71 percent of the Hispanic vote, he still would have lost. If he’d gotten just 4 percent more of the white vote, he would have won.

Adios, America! In bookstores next Monday, June 1.



Jun 302015
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Citing government statistics and offering warnings about the dangers of “gay” sex has one prominent doctor facing the possible loss of his job and what effectively could be a banishment from his work, and he’s not taking it without a fight.

Dr. Paul Church, a veteran urologist whose story first was reported by Brian Camenker at Mass Resistance, has been on the staff of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for nearly 30 years. He is appealing a board decision against him, and is planning for a hearing in July on his fight over his right to warn people that the facts prove “gay” sex is a dangerous lifestyle.

Church, who also is a member of the Harvard Medical School Facility and has conducted life-saving research on diagnosing bladder and prostate cancer, told WND, “It is incredible to think they would be able to silence me and revoke my ability to be on the staff as a result of my raising valid health concerns over a risky lifestyle.”

He continued, “This is almost a fascist effort at mind control.”

The facts, he said, are on his side.

“Although it has declined over the past few decades, two-thirds of all new HIV/AIDS infections in the U.S. are the result of men having sex with men. Fifty percent of ‘gay’ men will be infected with HIV by age 50. Those numbers are out there and they are staggering,” he said.

But the facts that Church has used, from the Centers for Disease Control, appear to matter little in the case, he suggested.

He told WND he’s facing dismissal from BIDMC for speaking out on a subject where he unquestionably has expertise.

The problem first began more than 10 years ago when BIDMC began promoting LGBT activities, including Boston’s annual “Gay Pride Week.

The homosexual lifestyle – fully unveiled, in “A Queer Thing Happened to America.”

Church expressed concerns to hospital officials and on the hospital’s Intranet, noting that by supporting homosexual activities and strongly encouraging staff participation the administration was acting against its mission statement.

After all, medical evidence shows homosexual activities are destructive, he said.

Amd BIDMC’s mission statement says it exists to “serve our patients compassionately and effectively, and to create a healthy future for them and their families.” The hospital also lays claims to its religious roots, saying, “Service to community is at the core of the religious tradition of both of our founding hospitals, and an important part of our mission.”

He explained to WND that the hospital, by encouraging staff to participate in “gay” pride events, was violating both standards.

The CDC and others have documented that those engaging in the types of sexual activities practiced predominantly by the LGBT community lead to psychiatric disorders as well as an extremely high likelihood of contracting dangerous and deadly STDs such as HIV/AIDS, anal cancer, parasitic infections and hepatitis.

“The medical community should be cautioning people to avoid and abstain from a behavior that is high risk,” Church said.

“Just because it has become politically correct and sexual orientation has been written into anti-discrimination laws is not a reason for the medical profession to be promoting and encouraging these risky behaviors. On the contrary they should be cautioning people about it and offer help to reduce the risk. But the idea that a major medical center is a propaganda tool for pro-’gay’ activities is just beyond me.”

He continued, “We don’t have a smoker’s celebration so why do we have a ‘gay’ pride celebration. The political agenda is superseding common sense.”

The hospital did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

But Church also tried to remind officials there that among its employees there were a wide variety of personal and religious views. Some felt uncomfortable with being told to support a lifestyle contrary to the basic tenets of their faith and their advocacy could be considered a form of harassment against religious people, he said.

Hospital officials said his complaints about harassment were … harassment.

“I was told that my comments about the dangers of homosexual behavior constituted ‘discrimination and harassment’ and were considered to be ‘offensive to BIDMC staff’ and would not be tolerated. Yet what was amazing is no one has ever disputed the accuracy of my statements regarding the health risks of ‘gay’ sex,” he said.

An inquiry was held in 2011.

“I made statements to them regarding the medical facts about the dangers of homosexual sex. I thought that regardless of a person’s position on homosexuality I would at least have the ear of my colleagues instead of the administration since the evidence was on my side. To my surprise they seemed to ignore the medical evidence and sided with the administration,” he said.

He was reprimanded.

“I was told I was prohibited from discussing my views about homosexuality to members of the staff, visitors, and patients. It was essentially an all-encompassing gag order,” he said.

He said he left his own religious views out of the conversations with patients. But he felt he couldn’t even provide them with the evidence.

“I had plenty of patients over the years who self-identified as LGBT but unfortunately I feel like I cannot counsel them on risky behaviors that are unique to them because that would be viewed as advocacy for traditional marriage,” Church explained. “When I am with them I provide the same non-judgmental type of care that I provide to anyone else and ignore their lifestyle issues.”

Church also requested they opt him out of receiving emails advocating support for “gay” pride events but he was refused.

“I requested that my name be removed from the directory and that they have it more of an opt out/opt in type of arrangement regarding receiving emails supporting the ‘gay’ lifestyle but they ignored me and refused to do that, so I continued to get stories that praised ‘gays’ whenever they received an award or advocating for ‘gay’ pride week.”

Church said after having his requests for religious accommodation being ignored and after talking to attorneys who advised him under existing civil rights law and whistleblower legislation he was well within his rights to discuss hospital policy, he posted comments on the Intranet discussion board about whether the board should advocate for the unhealthy lifestyle that comes with homosexuality.

“Finally, after these legitimate medical concerns were ignored I decided to post just the scriptural verses from Leviticus and Romans with no comments on the bulletin board. I figured if they would come after this then their issue was with God and not with me, but they didn’t see it this way.”

In September 2014 the hospital convened a special “Investigating Committee” and charges were brought against him. Church said at the time he felt he would be vindicated because the medical facts and the law were on his side.

“I was not worried, thinking it would be obvious that their promotion of the homosexual lifestyle was contrary to the hospital’s mission statement which was to watch out for the public welfare. In addition, I was assured by attorneys that under existing civil rights law and the whistleblower act I had the right to speak out on issues of public policy. In spite of all this, the board sided with the hospital administration and revoked my medical appointment.”

His appeal now is pending.

Article by Jack Minor

Jun 302015
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America is the only country in the Western world where buying a handgun is cheaper, easier and requires less paperwork than purchasing affordable health insurance. It is the only country where a court that grants gay people the right to marry also defends the right of the wealthy to pour almost unlimited funds into elections. </p>
The political logic that links these facts is not a liberalism that progressives in Europe or Canada would recognize. It is a homegrown libertarian ideology — one that has opened the way for marriage equality, but privileges economic growth for the few over socio-economic equity for the many.
<p>The Supreme Court ruling, this week, < — which preserved Americans’ access to expensive, inadequate and confusing insurance policies subsidized by the Affordable Care Act — hardly signals a swift drift toward European social democracy. Obamacare is an essentially conservative law that places government resources in service of private enterprise.
The events of the past week hardly signal a swift drift toward European social democracy.
Meanwhile, the backlash against the Confederate flag in the wake of the Charleston shooting is a welcome blow against a symbol of hate. But calling for the removal of the flag from public property has provided cover for politicians who cannot or will not address the real problem — easy access to guns. Wal-Mart’s executives decided toConfederate paraphernalia last week. But they will continue to offer a wide selection of firearms and ammunition as long as Second Amendment fundamentalists block federal gun control.
When the Founding Fathers cast off the yoke of King George, they created a revolutionary state with fear of “big government” built into its institutions and engrained in its culture. For better or worse, the leaders of that revolutionary state came to have the narrowest political imagination in the West. America is the only nation among its peers with no equivalent to a Tory right or a socialist left — both traditions that consider centralized government a force for good, an agent of stewardship and progress.
A cultural chasm still divides the United States from the other liberal democracies of the West because suspicion of federal authority is embedded in America’s DNA. The advance of gay rights last week signals that secular libertarianism is on the ascent while its Christian cousin is in retreat. But conservatives, fear not: The social democratic Satan, the great Scandinavianization, is a long way off.

Article by Molly Worthen

Jun 242015
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lexus hoverboard

Yes, we know – it’s 2015, the year Marty jumped to in Back to the Future 2 and you still don’t have a hoverboard. Right on time, Lexus has presented the latest example from its “Amazing in Motion” series of video spectacles: the Lexus Hoverboard. As you can see in the video after the break, it certainly appears to hover, and smoke, but no one actually hops on the magnetically-levitating device for a ride. Gizmodo heard from the carmaker that this project has been in development over the last 18 months, but couldn’t get more specific info on how it works.

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